Avant-Barre is functional fitness with an artistic spin. Our musically-driven workouts build strength, flexibility, and stamina while working your entire body from start to finish. We combine circuit training, full-range movement, dynamic exercise combinations, stability challenges, relief stretches, and heart-pumping cardio with inventive sequencing and the hottest new music. Our choreographed conditioning classes merge the creativity of dance, the intensity of modified plyometrics, and the serenity of active meditation to form an experience unique to Avant-Barre. 


We are bridging the gap between the rigid principles of traditional barre and the athleticism and artistry of dance. We have identified ways to increase the positive results of barre while also making the classes more challenging, effective, and fun! Our goal for every class is to let the beat of the music inspire meaningful movement and push you to work harder for yourself than you ever thought possible.