Avant-Barre Converts Sporteluxe Editor

Says Sporteluxe editor Jasmine Garnsworthy, "What I quickly learned — as in, within five minutes, is that even though the movements are tiny (small tucks, lifts, and squeezes), they’re powerful, and damn painful. Apparently ballerinas are super hardcore guys, so don’t be fooled; this workout is tough."

Read the rest of her review of the Avant-Barre Signature class here

4 Rules for a Successful Personal Challenge

PHOTO: Quoc Ngo.

PHOTO: Quoc Ngo.


I love 3-day weekends. They're ripe with opportunity to see friends, spend time outdoors, and eat as much guacamole at as many meals as is possible. Unsurprisingly, I often end these weekends feeling a little loose in the cage and needing to reel myself back in to a clean, balanced lifestyle. And to get back into go-mode, this has many times parlayed itself into some kind of personal challenge.

Personal challenges work for me because it gives me a goal, a very defined timeframe by which to achieve the goal, and the satisfaction of saying I CRUSHED something (note: I like to win things). Personal challenges have also resulted in some huge changes in my life.

When my college girlfriends challenged me to a biggest loser competition 6 years ago, it set me into an I-love-you-but-I-am-going-to-crush-you-in-this-competition tizzy of trying a host of different workouts. I ended up falling in love with barre and a few months later, started training to teach. Adopting the life of an instructor had elemental impacts on my overall health and fitness regimen that I maintain to this day. Bottom line, I am a big fan of personal challenges and have found a few key strategies in making sure they stick.

If you have a specific end goal in mind or want to finally adopt the healthier lifestyle you’ve been aiming for, here’s what I’ve learned about creating a challenge that will set you up for success.

  1. Focus on inputs, not results. 
    When it comes to health and fitness goals, the adage 'it's not about the destination, it's about the journey' is as hard to swallow as a shot of wheatgrass. The journey might be rich with life lessons, but is that going to get me into the bridesmaid's dress that I need to fit into next month? The best aim for a challenge is not to focus so much on the bridesmaid's dress, it's to focus on a behavior that ultimately becomes a habit. Whether that's logging miles or meals, think primarily about your daily inputs and focus your sense of victory on having accomplished those, not on what a scale says 48 hours in.

  2. Keep it simple and concrete.  
    It’s tempting to say, "Tomorrow, my new life begins. I'm going take 6 Avant-Barre classes a week, eat only clean, home-cooked meals, drink water until I turn blue, and sleep 8 hours a night." Changing everything at once is a
    likely recipe for un-success and even quitting altogether. The human body hates sudden change. So keep it simple, and choose ONE. Yes, ONE. The aim here is to get a win under your belt. Then, once this challenge is over, choose another and carve another shiny new notch on your I-am-going-to-crush-these-challenges utility belt.
  3. Write it down: keep track of your inputs.
    Writing things down makes them real. While there are myriad fitness trackers and apps, I encourage you to go less digital: put it on paper. Seeing your hard work in ink gives you a tangible sense of progress. One of the best gifts a friend of mine got me was an old school wall calendar. I ended up posting it right next to my desk, and every morning I logged what workout I did for the day, how many minutes, and therefore how many glasses of wine I would be able to have at Friday dinner. Looking at each week with the scribbles of 'yoga (90)', 'run (30)', 'weights (40)' in each box on that calendar gave me a real sense of accomplishment. It fueled my drive to keep those boxes full post-challenge.

  4. Key into your true motivation.
    The critical word here is 'true.' If it's to run a marathon, awesome.  If your end goal is to lose weight, own it. You are not doing yourself any good by saying your challenge is to PR on your sprints when really you're trying to drop a pants size. It is more than likely that one begets the other, but being honest with yourself about what you're really trying to accomplish keeps you focused and authentic. Key to a personal challenge, key to life.

I recommend 10 days for a personal challenge to start. It’s digestible, finite, and enough to whet the appetite of someone who is hungry for a change in lifestyle. At that point, you can decide to keep going or redirect; remember it usually takes 3 weeks for a habit to form and become daily practice.

Try it, be social with it and invite your friends to join you, and choose a challenge that gives you joy.

What's the most important lesson? The best way to turn goals into habits is to make them fun!

Avant-Barre Turns 2!

Avant-Barre's SoMa studio turns 2 this week! Sweat it out to THEMED playlists during Anniversary Week, and reward yourself after class with goodies from our favorite brands!

Monday: '90s + Project Juice
Tuesday: 2000s + KIND Snacks
Wednesday: POP + Lorna Jane (20% off trunk show)
Thursday: Throwback Hip Hop + Perfect Bar

Friday: TGIF + Purity Organic
Saturday: AB Signature + ALOHA


Reserve your spot in class now.

Avant-Barre Summer Challenge 2016

PHOTO: Kevin Gueco

PHOTO: Kevin Gueco

"The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but BUILDING THE NEW"
- Socrates

Build the NEW Summer You with the Avant-Barre Summer Challenge! We're here to keep you on track, motivated, energized, and excited to uncover the best you yet. 

The Challenge:

  • Take 20 Avant-Barre classes between May 25 and June 25
  • Check in to AB a minimum of 5 times on Instagram or Facebook


The Prizes:

  • Limited Edition Avant-Barre tank top (for everyone who completes the challenge)
  • A chance to win ONE FREE MONTH of Unlimited Classes at Avant-Barre


Register with the front desk anytime before Friday, June 3, 2016.

Let's do this, Badass Ballerinas!


    Avant-Barre + Pregnancy

    Happy Mother's Day to all our badass ballerinas! There was something in the water last year, when we met a ton of new moms and moms-to-be. One of the most frequently asked questions is "Can I take Avant-Barre while pregnant?" The answer is YES.

    "Avant-Barre is one of the few workouts that I've ever been able to stick with thanks to the great teachers, music and challenging workout. I've seen great results even before pregnancy so I wanted to continue with it as best as I could even during the pregnancy," says Jaimie, an Avant-Barre enthusiast since 2013. 

    Read on for her experience taking classes during her first pregnancy, plus find exercises to pay special attention to in class to strengthen and prepare for labor. 

    AB: What other forms of exercise did you use to supplement? 

    J: Lots of walking -- at least 20 minutes a day, two to four days a week. I also found prenatal yoga videos on YouTube that I did once or twice a week to supplement Avant-Barre workouts.

    AB: Does anything from class translate to the delivery room? 

    J: Breathing! Focusing on my breathing helped me stay focused during delivery and kept my mind off the pain. Overall, from class I've gained a good sense of how my body moves and find different positions that can alleviate pain and pressure. Understanding how to position myself and continue moving during delivery helped me work through the pain and get the baby out quickly. 

    AB: You've been attending class twice a week since you had your baby. How is Avant-Barre helping you post-delivery?  

    J: I immediately started going back to Avant-Barre as soon as I was cleared by the dr. I've been going 3 times a week as often as possible and I'm starting to see that extra weight melt off. It's a work in progress! It's also helping me keep a positive outlook and gives me something else to focus on aside from the baby. As much as I love spending time with the little one, I do enjoy the break I get from mom duties to focus on building my strength again.

    AB: Any health tips or lessons learned in the past 3 months? 

    J: Be smart about indulging in cravings. Find healthy alternatives to sweet cravings -- my weakness!

    Avant-Barre instructor and fitness veteran Lex shares 3 exercises that help mommies-to-be prepare for labor. 

    • Squats (Upright or Pullaway): to 90 degree bend at hips and knees only. It's good to strengthen your squat position so that it's available to use comfortably during labor. But be sure not to go deeper than 90 degrees until labor is underway! Once labor has started, a full, deep squat can be beneficial. 
    • Forearm Plank (on Toes or Knees): is an exercise that can usually be performed comfortably throughout most of pregnancy. It's excellent for core strengthening, especially if combined with Kegels... and good preparation for laboring in a hands and knees position. 
    • Puppy Stretch: can provide back relief late in pregnancy and during labor. 

    How has Avant-Barre helped you during your pregnancy or after having your child? Share below!

    *Avant-Barre reminds you that every body is different. Check in with your healthcare professional before starting a new exercise regimen during pregnancy. Please bring a doctor's note clearing you for exercise to your first class! 

    AB Moves: Modified Push-up on Relevé

    We could all use a break from sitting at our desk to move. Try this Avant-Barre fave by pushing against a wall or counter.

    modified push up on relevé — Great to tone and strengthen the biceps and chest. It’s like a regular push up but with the option to increase or lessen the intensity based on your angle. Keep elbows close to your ribcage to activate the rear deltoid and triceps. Tuck your hips and lift one leg into a low arabesque for a little glute zinger. Repeat 15-20 pushups. 


    Find more of our favorite moves at lucy let's go.

    Avant-Barre Obsession: STEEP

    Pitaya cup and Avant-Barre's 5:15pm Members Only class: the perfect pairing... and one that wasn't available until STEEP moved into the neighborhood this January. Three months later, STEEP already has a cult following. On a sunny day at 3:00pm, the line is far out the door.

    Never heard of pitaya? It's dragonfruit, giving açaí a run for its money. The Pitaya Steep cup comes with blended dragonfruit and layers of hempseed granola and fresh fruits--a refreshing pre- or post-workout snack. If you're açaí all the time, don't worry you can get that there too.

    Truth be told, STEEP is good any time of day. Come early for your morning cup o' joe (or chai latte if coffee's not your thing). And boba lovers rejoice: there's finally a place for you in South Beach. STEEP's milk teas are thoughtful and tasty. Looking for a "healthier" afternoon pick-me-up (besides substituting sprouted chia seeds for boba), try the Green Goodness--the first greens juice we've tried with grapes. 

    STEEP, 240 Ritch St., San Francisco.

    Coachella 2016: 6 Artists to See

    PHOTO: Quoc Ngo.

    PHOTO: Quoc Ngo.

    If you didn't catch on, we badass ballerinas live for music. Many West Coasters think you haven't celebrated music until you experience your first Coachella. If you're making your way to the desert for weekend 1 or 2, meet us at these acts.

    If you aren't, scroll down for your consolation prize.

    1. JACK Ü

    Day 1 | 

    With artist collaboration varying in sound from Justin Bieber to AlunaGeorge, 2 Chainz to Kiesza, Jack Ü's set is sure to have something for everyone. Avant-Barre not responsible for the desire to break into impromptu pliés.

    2. MATT & KIM

    Day 2 | 

    You know that one friend who says they don't enjoy live music? Put them in front of a Matt & Kim set, and dare them not to have a great time. This duo lit up the Twin Peaks stage at Outside Lands 2013, and we haven't gotten them out of our minds since. Their set promises to take FUN to a new level.

    3. ZHU

    Day 2 | 

    If you came to dance (and what other reason is there to devote three days to a music festival?), get your booty to Zhu. Body rolls, running man, hip shaking... all fair game at this dance floor!

    4. ICE CUBE

    Day 2 | 

    Last year's critically acclaimed Straight Outta Compton brought a resurgence to 90s hip hop and especially to the music of N.W.A., the subject of the film. If you haven't seen it yet, add to your list immediately. And, regardless, catch N.W.A. member Ice Cube live at Coachella to pay homage to one of the originators of West Coast rap.

    5. Alessia Cara

    Day 3 | 

    We love a sassy, talented female performer, especially one who's coolly casual and not afraid to be silly. Fresh-faced YouTube star-turned-professional Alessia Cara is sure to BRING IT.

    6. Sia 

    Day 3 |

    Anyone heading to Sia's set is in for a unique treat. Notorious for her stage fright, Sia will likely stay in her own little corner of the stage. Regardless, this women put funky modern dance choreography on the map with her haunting "Chandelier" video, so there will be no shortage of visual appeal. Watching her will be like sighting a unicorn. Do Not Miss.


    Not Coachella-ing this year? Feed your FOMO by joining Nini for 2 special Coachella-themed classes at Avant-Barre: 5:15pm on Wednesday 4/13 and Wednesday 4/20.


    PHOTO: Quoc Ngo.

    PHOTO: Quoc Ngo.

    Barre classes have become routine for supermodels like Gigi Hadid and the fashion elite who crave "the sylphlike physique and defined musculature of a dancer without the rigorous training prescribed by classical ballet."

    Every city has a stand out studio, and Avant-Barre is the go-to San Francisco class in Vogue.com's recent round-up of ballet-inspired workouts.

    AB Moves: Diamond Thigh

    Don't forget to get up and move during the day! Here's a simple exercise you can do at your desk, using the back of your chair for support. Or for more challenge, try it with both hands on your waist.

    diamond thigh — Challenging exercise to tone and shape your thighs. Start in a first position. Rise up onto relevé and walk your feet closer together so your heels touch. Bend your knees so they track the same direction as your toes and your legs form a wide diamond shape. Squeeze your glutes tight to get a bonus booty workout. bend your knees more and less to drop your hips an inch towards the floor and then rise an inch up. Repeat this move for 1-2 minutes without resetting to feel a deep burn in your quads.


    Find more of our favorite moves at lucy let's go.

    AB Moves: Standing Arabesque

    More than a few Avant-Barre goers have noticed a more lifted and defined behind. What's the secret? Find out in class. But until then, try this move.

    standing arabesque — Great move to isolate the glutes and test for endurance. Stand at an angle to a stable surface and bring your legs parallel and hip width apart. Soften both knees. extend outer leg behind you and see-saw forward until your body forms a capital “T”. Keep your abs pulled in for control and strength. carefully squeeze your lifted side booty to guide your leg one inch higher than where you started, being sure to keep the exercise in your glutes and out of your low back. Pulse 10 times at varying speeds, then reset. Repeat 4-5 times.


    Find more of our favorite moves at lucy let's go.

    Have you set your 2016 intention?

    PHOTO:  Quoc Ngo.

    PHOTO: Quoc Ngo.

    We blinked, and it's 2016! So many of us start each year with a list of resolutions that we throw out by spring. This year we're trying something different: focusing on the present instead of setting a goal to maybe attain later. Head over to Well+Good to learn more about setting an intention.

    Once you set yours, share it with us on the studio board!

    10 Healthier Holiday Cookies

    'Tis the season of indulgence. A common conflict: Staying on track with your fitness goals... OR really celebrating. We have good news. You don't have to say "no" to every festive cookie. Check out Well+Good's round-up of 10 cookie recipes that utilize the abundance of super ingredients available these days (think coconut oil, ginger, and maple syrup instead of refined sugar). Bon appetit! 

    AB Moves: Leg Lift in First Position

    Watching The Nutcracker leave you with Sugarplum Fairy dreams? Channel your inner badass ballerina with this move that challenges your quads, especially your inner thigh. 

    leg lift in first position — Start with your heels together and toes apart in a first position. Lift one leg in front of you, point your knee outward so your inner thigh shines up toward the ceiling. Keep your hips level so your quads do all of the work. pulse your leg up 10 times, then reset. Repeat 4-5 times, on both legs. Don’t be surprised if your standing leg feels the burn too!


    Find more of our favorite moves at lucy let's go.

    AB Moves: Tricep Dips

    Holiday travel is less an of an excuse to fall off your workout routine with this no-equipment-required exercise.

    tricep dips — Targets the triceps and posture muscles. Sit on the floor with your feet hip width apart. Place your hands under your shoulders with your fingertips pointing forward. straighten your arms and lift your booty off the floor, keeping your shoulders over your wrists and squeezing your shoulder blades together. Bend your elbows to activate your triceps, then straighten slightly to recover. Do 3 sets of 10 reps. Option to lift one bent leg into your chest to increase the intensity.


    Find more of our favorite moves at lucy let's go.