Avant-Barre Guide to Stretching at Festivals

You already know that the most satisfying part of class (okay, aside from killing that burpee set or finally nailing a challenging balance pose) is the stretching. This weekend your body will get the best kind of cardio workout from the dancing, walking, and frolicking that will ensue at Outside Lands. Don't forget to treat your muscles to a sweet release between sets. Here, Nini demonstrates the 3 stretches you need outside the studio. 

Standing Thigh Stretch

Dancing and jumping around in a crowd while Tame Impala is performing will be super fun, but in between sets, give your thighs a much-needed break with this standing quad stretch.

  1. Find a sturdy post, tree, or friend to help you balance and bring your right ankle in your right hand. 

  2. Flex your foot; keep your abs pulled in and your spine upright

  3. Angle your lifted knee down to the floor and bend your standing knee, lift your chest

  4. Gently pull back on your ankle to deepen the stretch

  5. Repeat with the left leg

Standing Calf Stretch 

The trek from the Twin Peaks Stage to Lands End can seem less grueling if you remember to stretch out those calves.

  1. Start with both feet hip distance apart

  2. Step your right foot far behind you; keep your right leg straight as you press your right heel into the floor

  3. Bend your front knee to deepen the stretch; keep your front knee over your front ankle; keep your back leg straight and your back heel grounded

  4. Switch sides

Full Back Leg Stretch

And sometimes you need more intense relief.

  1. Find a barrier or gate that is hip height or lower

  2. Stand about 3 feet away and carefully lift your right leg onto the gate

  3. Square your hips to the gate and keep both legs straight keeping your right ankle in front of your right hip

  4. To intensify the stretch, hinge forward from your hips and reach for ankle

  5. Switch sides


Looking for a healthy pre-game? Start your day with Avant-Barre! Reserve your spot in any of our weekend classes; we have a full schedule throughout festival days.