Avant-Barre Obsession: STEEP

Pitaya cup and Avant-Barre's 5:15pm Members Only class: the perfect pairing... and one that wasn't available until STEEP moved into the neighborhood this January. Three months later, STEEP already has a cult following. On a sunny day at 3:00pm, the line is far out the door.

Never heard of pitaya? It's dragonfruit, giving açaí a run for its money. The Pitaya Steep cup comes with blended dragonfruit and layers of hempseed granola and fresh fruits--a refreshing pre- or post-workout snack. If you're açaí all the time, don't worry you can get that there too.

Truth be told, STEEP is good any time of day. Come early for your morning cup o' joe (or chai latte if coffee's not your thing). And boba lovers rejoice: there's finally a place for you in South Beach. STEEP's milk teas are thoughtful and tasty. Looking for a "healthier" afternoon pick-me-up (besides substituting sprouted chia seeds for boba), try the Green Goodness--the first greens juice we've tried with grapes. 

STEEP, 240 Ritch St., San Francisco.