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AB Moves: Diamond Thigh

Don't forget to get up and move during the day! Here's a simple exercise you can do at your desk, using the back of your chair for support. Or for more challenge, try it with both hands on your waist.

diamond thigh — Challenging exercise to tone and shape your thighs. Start in a first position. Rise up onto relevé and walk your feet closer together so your heels touch. Bend your knees so they track the same direction as your toes and your legs form a wide diamond shape. Squeeze your glutes tight to get a bonus booty workout. bend your knees more and less to drop your hips an inch towards the floor and then rise an inch up. Repeat this move for 1-2 minutes without resetting to feel a deep burn in your quads.


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AB Moves: Standing Arabesque

More than a few Avant-Barre goers have noticed a more lifted and defined behind. What's the secret? Find out in class. But until then, try this move.

standing arabesque — Great move to isolate the glutes and test for endurance. Stand at an angle to a stable surface and bring your legs parallel and hip width apart. Soften both knees. extend outer leg behind you and see-saw forward until your body forms a capital “T”. Keep your abs pulled in for control and strength. carefully squeeze your lifted side booty to guide your leg one inch higher than where you started, being sure to keep the exercise in your glutes and out of your low back. Pulse 10 times at varying speeds, then reset. Repeat 4-5 times.


Find more of our favorite moves at lucy let's go.

AB Moves: Leg Lift in First Position

Watching The Nutcracker leave you with Sugarplum Fairy dreams? Channel your inner badass ballerina with this move that challenges your quads, especially your inner thigh. 

leg lift in first position — Start with your heels together and toes apart in a first position. Lift one leg in front of you, point your knee outward so your inner thigh shines up toward the ceiling. Keep your hips level so your quads do all of the work. pulse your leg up 10 times, then reset. Repeat 4-5 times, on both legs. Don’t be surprised if your standing leg feels the burn too!


Find more of our favorite moves at lucy let's go.