Description: Working mostly in full ranges of motion, our Signature class appeals to those who practice various exercise disciplines including Pilates, yoga, and even classical ballet. Set to carefully curated music, we choreograph each of our Signature classes to include everything you love about barre, eliminate everything you don't, then add dance conditioning, strength training, balance work, and cardio. The Signature Class is open to all levels.

What to Expect: The Avant-Barre Signature Class puts a functional spin on barre technique. Class begins with a vigorous full body warm-up then moves on to exercises that target the glutes and quads. After barre work, the class moves to center work for additional strength training to test and challenge balance, stamina, and muscle control. The class ends with floor work to re-target the core, arms, glutes, and quads before cooling down with dynamic stretches. Modifications are given throughout class for those with any physical limitations.

Avant-Barre SCULPT

Description: Sculpt focuses on slow, impactful, deliberate movement designed to build strength and tone using only your body weight for resistance. The combinations, structure, and pace challenge you to go deeper into each exercise like never before -- all in only 45 minutes! 

What to Expect: Experienced clients will recognize most of the choreographic elements of the class, but the test of strength comes with slow control of those same movements. Class begins with warm-up of the entire body, then moves to glutes and quads at the barre. The center work incorporates a hybrid of adagio and cardio choreography, then finishes with floor work that re-targets the glutes and core. This class will help you discover a new type of soreness that will make you feel SOLID. 

Avant-Barre FLOW

Description: Flow is 45 minutes of flowing movement designed to increase flexibility, balance, and core strength. Experience meditation in motion as you move in unison with your fellow badass ballerinas and repeat choreographic sequences to different music at varying tempos. A completely different experience than Signature or Sculpt, AB Flow requires deep focus as you work to improve your power, athleticism, and grace.

What to Expect: This class is performed completely off the barre. Class begins with a mobilization warm-up to loosen the joints. The instructor then guides the entire class through choreographed stretch sequences linking one move to the next and giving consciousness to the transitions. The class executes the choreography to a variety of music to highlight how changing tempos will challenge you in different ways. Class ends with an extended floor stretch to relieve tired muscles and refocus your mind. 

Avant-Barre MAT

Description: Mat is a 45-minute mat-based class performed completely off the barre. The class tests balance, flexibility, and coordination by combining classical floor moves from yoga and Pilates. With its focus on building strength through grounded and controlled movement, AB Mat is the perfect addition to the Avant-Barre family of classes. 

What to Expect: The class is performed completely off the barre and begins with a floor warm-up to loosen the low back and engage the core. The class then progresses through a loop that strengthens the glutes and upper body, which is followed by lower body toning moves. Our signature Adagio set is added to test balance and control. The class finishes with additional ab work and a final stretch. 

Avant-Barre COMMUNITY Class

Community Classes are structured exactly like their regularly scheduled counterparts but led by Instructor Trainees who are practicing their teaching skills OR Experienced Instructors who are fine-tuning a new class style. All existing Avant-Barre clients are welcome to attend Community Classes at a discounted rate. NO NEW CLIENTS.