What is barre exercise?

Barre exercise is a traditionally non-impact workout that sculpts the body by strategically isolating and strengthening all major muscle groups using the body’s own weight. Classes are set to fun, upbeat music; a high energy warm-up of the upper body is followed by high-intensity interval sequences of glute, quad and core exercises combined with releasing stretches that relieve the muscles and increase flexibility.

Will Avant-Barre help me lose weight?

Avant-Barre is an intense, full-body workout designed to burn calories and build lean muscle. Pairing regular Avant-Barre classes with a healthy diet can definitely help you shed unwanted pounds.

Can I take class if I have an injury?

Please indicate any injuries on your new client form, and arrive early to speak to your instructor prior to taking class so that you are given proper modifications throughout class.

What the tuck? Do I have to "tuck" at Avant-Barre? 

At Avant-Barre, we work with a neutral spine. Any "tucking" motions are part of choreography combinations, so clients are not expected to hold a "tucked" position, which feels unnatural to most. 

I think I left something at the studio. Do you have a lost and found?

We keep found items for two weeks before donating them to a local charity. If you forgot something, please stop by the front desk or email us at info@avant-barre.com so we can reconnect you with your item. 

How is Avant-Barre different from other barre workouts?

Avant-Barre is a choreographed conditioning class designed to challenge your whole body for the entire workout. Our classes simulate a traditional dance class where you recruit all the muscles in your body to work as one cohesive unit while matching your movement to varying musical tempos. 

Avant-Barre incorporates full-range exercises to build functional strength instead of relying strictly on isometric pulses to create a "burning" effect. 

Our signature cardio and adagio center work challenges your balance, strength, endurance, stamina, and flexibility. 

All exercises have modifications, so each client is encouraged to choose the challenge option that is right for him or her. 

Is Avant-Barre a cardio-based workout?

Avant-Barre is an interval training workout, so your heart rate will fluctuate as you progress from higher intensity exercises to slower-paced deep stretching sequences. This high intensity interval training format helps you burn more fat and calories compared to steady rate endurance training.

Can I take class if I am Pregnant?

If you are pregnant and are an existing client with Avant-Barre, you may continue to take class if you have a doctor’s note permitting you to exercise. All existing clients who become pregnant must notify us BEFORE the start of class.

If you are pregnant and a first-time client at Avant-Barre, please contact us at info@avant-barre.com to help determine if the workout is appropriate for your fitness goals. If you are interested, please come to your first class with a doctor's note and arrive at least 15 minutes prior to class to discuss proper modifications.

How do I freeze my Unlimited Membership?

To request a Cancellation or Freeze, email info@avant-barre.com. You can review all our Unlimited Membership policies here.