February Glowed Up Challenge

Photo: Encarnacion Photography

Photo: Encarnacion Photography

Glow Up /glō-əp/ (verb) To go from the bottom to the top to the point of disbelief. An incredible transformation.


The Reason: To celebrate our constant, never-ending, positive transformations and to share our love for Avant-Barre with all the other badasses in our lives

The Rules:

  1. Earn 15 class points by Tuesday, February 28*
  2. Check-in and tag @avantbarre on social media (Facebook or Instagram) at least 5 times during the challenge
  3. Bring ONE new friend to class in the month of February. (Platinum Members get FREE Buddy Pass)
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The Reward: Limited Edition "Glowed Up" Avant-Barre Tank

*Points breakdown:
1 class/day = 1 point
Additional class/day = 0.5 points
Stretch Class = 2 points

**All participants for the Glowed Up Challenge MUST register with Front Desk**