The WHy?

Do you feel it?

It’s time to make some fundamental shifts: in how we live in our bodies…how we relate to each other…how we tread on this planet.

But making that shift can feel complicated. Perhaps you’re clear on the changes you’d like to create, yet change eludes you. Maybe you have a vague sense of the change you desire, but need greater clarity. Or maybe you’re right where you’d like to be, but feel that you could occupy that place with greater energy and vitality.

Wherever you are in your transformation, you’re aware that change can be tricky, sticky, and slow. It can often feel as if different parts of you are pulling in many different directions at once. And it’s true; functionally speaking, they are.

But when you understand how your brain works, how your body is put together, and how the two interact, you can begin to bring the disparate parts of your “self” into greater harmony. And without that internal battle of wills, you can proceed effortlessly to where you would like to go, with astonishing grace…

the details

4-month group coaching program for holistic self-transformation


Avant-Barre, 592 Third St, SF


Sundays 12 - 3pm

February 3rd • March 3rd • April 7th • May 5th • June 2nd

What’s included:

  • 5 in-person workshop sessions

  • Practical guidelines for bringing what you find to be the most effective tools into your daily life in a way that builds momentum and creates a powerful arc of progress

  • Email support during the course

  • Lifetime access to all course lectures and support materials via online course format

  • Ongoing group discussion via online course platform

  • Optional mid-month Facebook Live chats

  • Extensive list of resources to dive deeper into all topics

How it works:

  • Two weeks before each workshop, you’ll receive an email with some questions for contemplation, and optional articles / videos relevant to the upcoming session.

  • Meet for in-person session, which will include lecture, discussion, and movement practice.  If you have to miss a session, you’ll be able to access all of the information and session materials online.

  • One week later, there will be an optional Facebook Live session for questions and further discussion.

  • Mid-month, you’ll receive the preparatory email for the subsequent in-person session.

Time commitment:  

It’s entirely up to you.  You can simply attend the monthly sessions, or you can also choose to do supplemental readings/viewings and participate in the mid-month live chat.  

The beauty of having ongoing access to the online resource is that you might choose to delve deeply into one subject area this year, and cycle through again with a different focus next year, and so on..

The schedule

Feb 3rd: The Anatomy of Change                                       

What would you like?

We’ll begin our journey together with a process of framing the changes that you would like to create during this course, in a way that honors the broader context of your life and relationships.

You’ll learn:

  • a brain/nervous system approach to change, adaptability, and resilience

  • basics of how the nervous system functions to either facilitate or resist change, so that you can travel on the path of least (internal) resistance

  • tools to continuously assess and adjust your progress

March 3rd
: Gender, Emotion and Self-Efficacy                           

Who do you think you are? What do you think you’re capable of?

Self-efficacy is your belief in your innate ability to achieve goals. We’ll look at two common limiters of our self-efficacy: our identity as women (conscious/subconscious and personal/societal), and our habits around how we manage our emotions.

We’ll discuss sex and gender and articulate as many layers of our assumptions as we can. Then we’ll learn the basics of Emotion Efficacy Training, and how to gain mastery over emotions such that we can consistently take values-based actions in our lives, even in the face of intense emotion.

April 7th:  Essential Nourishment

How has food become so scary and confusing? Let’s debunk the demonization of traditional foods & illuminate the insufficiency of the “calories in, calories out” paradigm, so that you can feel liberated to understand (and trust!) your body’s language about what it needs.

May 5th: Preventative Medicine           

Beyond excellent nourishment, what are the things we need to do to keep ourselves healthy and humming along? Of all the varieties of exercise available, what are the most important ones to do regularly? In this session I’ll teach you a simple paradigm for determining what forms of activity will best meet your individual physiological and psychological needs at any given time, and we’ll review essential health practices like breath work, grounding, quality sleep, and others.

June 2nd:  Strength for Health & Longevity

As we’ll learn in the preceding session, one of the most crucial elements of health, longevity, and quality of life over time is strength. You’ll be convinced by the long list of metabolic, hormonal, and structural benefits of consistent strength training, and we’ll look at the format of strength training that will give you the greatest benefits, in very little time, with an incredibly low risk of injury. I’ll teach you a basic home strength program using minimal equipment that’s yours for life.

We’ll also look at Strength as metaphor, and how to translate our physical strength into Strong Habits.


alexis read

I think you’re a genius.  You have brilliance in every cell, all the innate wisdom you need to live a life that spontaneously stimulates your awe and gratitude, every day.  But there’s a lot of noise, and seeds of distrust for ourselves, especially for our bodies, were planted early. I’m just here to encourage you to listen, and to keep reminding you that you don’t need anyone else’s permission to do you, at full volume and full throttle.  

In more practical terms, I have a Theater degree from Stanford, and an MFA in Dance Choreography & Performance from Mills College.  I’ve been practicing therapeutic bodywork and teaching movement and health/fitness things for 25+ years, and I’m excited to share with you what I’ve found along the way.