"I've taken a few barre classes around SF - CardioBarre, Dailey Method, Pop Physique, and Bootie Barre (Mint Studios), and this one is probably one of the best ones I've tried."

- Christina L., San Francisco

 "As a former ballet dancer and now a Pilates studio owner it is so hard to walk into a barre class and not want to fix everyone's form let alone wonder why everyone is pulsing a body part because I have never done that in my ballet training. This class was perfect, I am literally counting the days down to my next class...AND WAIT...FULL RANGE OF MOTION, NO PULSES!! Yes that is how the body is suppose to move..."

- Kaitlyn R., San Francisco

"I cannot say enough good things about this studio! The classes follow the same basic idea (one song per exercise) but the instructors change the order of the exercises and create patterns (like plank/push up/leg lift) that help make it fun and distract from the pain...I wasn't sure that I would like it because I didn't like the Bar Method, and usually prefer high-weight, low-rep exercises (like weightlifting). But the patterns, instructors, and music make all the difference."

- Emily L. Berkeley